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Champions for the Challenged

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Woodstock, MD, 21163

Phone: 410-549-3013


Mike Parker, President

Phone: 443-506-8209

Do you have what it takes to be a champion?



It starts with a selfless compassionate heart and the desire to make a difference in the lives of the challenged. Enhancing the quality of life for the intellectually/developmentally disabled, so that they may more fully participate in society, is not a lighthearted task. It takes a caring person who knows the power of kindness for freeing the disadvantaged from some of the weight and pain of their challenged life. It takes a champion!


 9 MILLION Americans have intellectual/developmental disabilities and 1 out of 10 families are affected by these disabilities; but there is hope! Great achievements have been realized due to advances in research, medicine, technology, education and public understanding. After 50 years of dedicated benevolent service, our all volunteer organization has evolved into an IRS approved 501( c)(3), tax deductible community focused charity. The generosity of corporations, organizations and countless individuals combined with the talents of our members is propelling our growth. These champions, both members and sponsors, have worked tirelessly to develop and implement innovative programs, projects and events that will improve the quality of life for the disadvantaged. From exciting picnics, hospital events and an elevator for a disabled child to Christmas parties, speech therapy, a specially designed wheelchair enhancement and sporting events; our champions impact lives.


If you want to experience fantastic joy and remarkable satisfaction. Come Join Us!


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